HBL wins two best bank awards for outstanding services

Euromoney and Asiamoney are global English-language publications focused exclusively on business and finance. They awarded the HBL, Pakistan's largest bank, two awards for its outstanding services. Euromoney awarded HBL the accolade of Best Bank in Pakistan 2022, while Asiamoney awarded HBL the Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan 2022. The two awards are the most prestigious recognition in the banking industry globally.


HBL, Pakistan’s largest bank, has recently won two awards for its services. Euromoney awards HBL the accolade of Best Bank in Pakistan 2022. The Bank has also won the Asiamoney award for Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan 2022.

Euromoney and Asiamoney are global English-language publications focused on business and finance. The two awards are the most prestigious recognition in the banking industry, globally.

HBL is proud to serve its valued clients who have made these wins possible. These wins are a tribute to our millions of clients’ continued trust and confidence in HBL.

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The Euromoney citation for HBL acknowledges that “HBL enjoyed its strongest-ever performance in 2021, and, by extension, the strongest performance in Pakistan. It’s Rs62 billion ($351.2 million at the time) consolidated pre-tax profit for the year represented 17% year-on-year growth.”

Following a breakthrough performance in 2021, the Bank continued to build on its growth story. In April, HBL declared a consolidated profit before tax of Rs. 14.6 billion for the first quarter of 2022 and a profit after tax of Rs. 8.6 billion, both higher than in the same period last year.

The citation went on to note that HBL’s growth in Pakistan is based on various factors including, “a vibrant year in consumer banking, digital momentum, record volumes in cash management, and a 20% growth in the farmer financing portfolio.”

Highlighting HBL’s effort toward Islamic finance, the citation mentions the Bank’s commitment to the business as it showed great progress. The citation remarked, “HBL is also the only Pakistani bank among the signatories of the Green Investment Principles, China, and in 2021 extended its existing commitment to stop financing coal to industries that contribute to deforestation.”

Interestingly, HBL continues to be a thought leader in the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) space and is the first Bank to announce a “net-zero” emissions policy, which we are targeting to achieve by 2030.

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