Khurram Dastgir Khan – The Pakistan he is striving for in the next Decade

Ghulam Dastgir Khan tells GVS about where he wishes Pakistan to be heading in the coming decade and what Pakistan would be like in 2031.


blankKhurram Dastgir Khan is a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. He was previously the Minister for Defense and Minister for Foreign Affairs from August 2017 to May 2018. This interview is part of a series for the January Issue of Global Village Space magazine looking at the next decade for Pakistan – its strategic challenges and opportunities (2021-30).

The Pakistan I will be striving for in the next ten years will, Inshallah, be a country at peace within and at peace with the world in 2031—self-assured of our democracy, secure in our defence, and with malice towards none. It would be a Pakistan that will have sustained GDP growth rates of 7+% each year for a decade. Authoritarianism and extra-constitutional influences would stand purged from Pakistan’s political DNA. In 2031, Pakistan would be a republic worthy of the name.

Our Islamic Republic would acknowledge, value, and protect minorities and women; and would safeguard citizens’ liberties, political dissent, and cultural expression. I visualize a homeland that would offer equality of opportunity to all its citizens regardless of province, gender, caste, language, religion, or creed.

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I imagine Pakistani universities and companies that create new knowledge—institutions that would foster open minds and open markets. My vision is of a Pakistan that would have modernized its agriculture thoroughly by 2031, becoming a bread-basket for the Middle East, Central Asia, and western China.

I dream of a society that will be open to the world and that values knowledge; a society that would have learned to take care of its environment and natural resources, a pluralistic Pakistani society.

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The above is a dream but dreamt with open eyes. It is a dream we can all endeavor for the sake of our children. Let’s. transform Pakistan into a country we can all be proud of; a Pakistan, Jinnah would be proud of in 2031.

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