Magazine Editorial – Child feeding the father


This is just the third issue of ‘Global Village Space Magazine’ and we are pleased that we are being talked about from Islamabad to Karachi. We are pleasantly surprised that magazine’s entry has also increased the interest in the parent online publication, “Global Village Space” where we are reaching out to almost two million readers a month – perhaps a bright example of the child feeding the father!

Our theme in the first issue was ‘turbulence in the Muslim world’, our second issue was focused on “Information warfare” and this issue examines the background and implications of Pakistan being dragged in the grey list of “Financial Action Task Force” (FATF).

Dr. Waqar Masood, ex-finance secretary argues that this is not a professional but a political decision and was inevitable given the tensions with the Trump administration over Afghanistan.

Munir Akram, Pakistan’s ex-Ambassador at UN, supports this contention but questions: will Pakistani decision-making elites keep on moving on a dangerous slippery road under US pressure which leads nowhere or will they now brace their belts and muster the courage for a half-way deal with Washington?

Moeed Pirzada, a known TV Anchor, in a well-researched piece, “Hafiz Saeed: Albatross around Pakistan’s neck” examines the Indian strategy, since 1992, under Rao Doctrine and how it is moving step by step – with the US help – to get Pakistan declared a “terrorist state” and argues that FATF is only a halfway step; more will come pushing Pakistan towards sanctions by the UN, unless Pakistanis understand the “Grand Indian Design” and unite to resist.

If discussions around FATF were serious, scintillating and grim then talking to Mohammad Zubair, Governor Sindh was a pleasant change. He talked of how actions by the Rangers have brought back life to Karachi streets and restored the confidence of its business circles and entrepreneurs.

Governor asserted that Pakistan has to help Karachi businesses for them to turn country around – for their success is Pakistan’s success. If talking to Governor Sindh was pleasant then meeting and listening to Shazia Syed was a treat.

CEO Unilever explained her vision that how businesses can continue to make money by a sustainable model of growth – invest in society, regenerate communities and reap profits in a win-win strategy for all.

Global Village Space was never part of the “butterfly and dolls market”, our goal was always to bring back serious discussions in print but with positive feedback on previous issues we are now even more determined to develop well-researched pieces, with longer shelf life, that will help readers to critically examine the issues around them.

Our analysis of MQM’s rise and fall, and our discussion on FATF may help to generate ideas – at least we hope so! An incisive piece by Nailanjan Mukhopaday, Author of “Narendra Modi: The Man, The Times” that critically examines the success of Modi in decisively moving Indian politics towards right is a must for every thinking man and woman in South Asia. Bon appétit! Looking forward to your feedback …

Najma Minhas

Managing Editor

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