Mahira Khan’s ‘7 Din Muhabbat In’ trailer is out!

The movie features a young man who wants to transform himself to have the love of his life.


The official teaser of Mahira Khan and Sheharyar Munawwar’s upcoming film ‘7 Din Muhabbat In‘ has been released. The movie is set to release in June on Eid-ul-Fitr. Directed by Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi of Zinda Bhaag fame, the romantic-comedy appears to be packed with fun and energy.

The movie features a young man who wants to transform himself to have the love of his life. The trailer shows Javed Sheikh, the wizard who helps Munawwar transform but says he has only seven days to acquire his love.

Munawwar is playing ‘Tipu’ a submissive, introvert boy who is hesitant when it comes to approaching women. He eventually decides to transform himself in the pursuit of true love.

The teaser also features Amna Ilyas, Mira Sethi, Aamir Qureshi, Hina Dilpazeer and Adnan Shah Tipu. According to a press release, Mahira’s character is “an affectionate, spirited girl who weaves her own fairy tale fantasies”.

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Last month the makers of the film revealed the bright, colorful posters of the characters in the movie that stirred the interests of the audiences for the trailer of the movie.

The posters and teaser suggest the movie is an entertainment piece that promises to allure the audiences.  It is Mahira Khan’s first appearance in a romantic-comedy film for a Pakistani cinema.


The star celebrity has previously appeared in movies like Bol, Verna, Raees, Ho Man Jahan and Bin Roye, that dominates serious themes.

It will be a test of skills for Mahira Khan to make the audiences laugh. As an actor how well she gets in the role is a matter of time.

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Nevertheless, being a versatile actor she is anticipated to do justice to her selection for a romantic comedy, as the actor has already proved her mettle in the world’s second-biggest entertainment industry – Bollywood.

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