Message from Gen Nadeem Raza, Chairman JCSC

Gen Nadeem Raza's message on celebrating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.

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Pakistan-China relationship is a time-tested friendship, which has always resonated deeply with the people and the governments of both countries. Mutual respect, trust, harmony, and
common strategic underpinnings have transpired into an ever-strengthening bond of friendship which remains unshakable in the face of a challenging international environment.

Chinese support to Pakistan on all important regional and global issues, including the long-standing Kashmir issue, is greatly valued by Pakistan. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the manifestation of a long-term multidimensional relationship between both countries and has emerged as the centerpiece of Pakistan’s economic growth and prosperity.

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CPEC, when fully operational, will provide a huge boost in transforming Pakistan’s economic landscape by linking south, central and western Asia. In the field of defense, China has extended invaluable cooperation to all three services of the Armed Forces of Pakistan. It has greatly assisted Pakistan in developing a strong defense industrial capability.

Chinese and Pakistani militaries carry out joint exercises, and there is a continuous exchange of high-level visits, demonstrating that relations in defense are enduring and will strengthen even further.

Pakistan and China’s militaries share consensus to maintain close communication and coordination, enhance pragmatic cooperation and work together for shared values of peace and stability. I congratulate Global Village Space magazine for publishing this special edition on Pakistan – China relations and persistently highlighting the strategic insight of Pakistan.

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“China was, is, and will remain our friend.” Pakistan and China have continued to deepen all-inclusive, all-weather cooperative partnerships for a sustainable present and for a promising future. Both sides will generate even more harmony in the face of new realities of the global political shift.

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