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Shaan Shahid slammed for criticizing ‘Aurat March’

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Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid has been slammed on social media for criticizing the ‘Aurat March’ rally held countrywide on International Women’s Day 8th March 2019.

Shaan criticized some of the controversial messages written on the placards and called them vulgar. He was amongst those who proclaimed that such messages do not represent true freedom for the women but are more towards ‘verbal nudity’.

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“These slogans do not represent our culture, our values and the respect we have for our women that was my point .. and you missed it completely.. stop twisting our views just to get more mileage own your responsibility” Shaan tweeted.

For his tweet, he confronted backlash on social media and condemned that such repressive views do not suit the actor like him.

A writer shared the collage of his scenes from various movies. As the conversation continued, Shaan said that “You can’t comment on actors you aren’t one, what choices they make are needed for the professionalism they represent. where is our freedom of expression?”

The tweet once again led to people questioning the hypocrisy in Shaan speaking about “freedom of expression”.

To counter Shaan’s logic of “actors not having choice”, netizens shared song videos Shaan had himself directed, equally gaudy and ostentatious.

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In another tweet, he clarified his stance and stated that he is not against women empowerment but certainly disapproves few of the placards displayed in the Aurat March,

He stated, #Ibelieveinauratpower if I didn’t believe in the March I wouldn’t support my wife& daughter going to it. they were at the venue holding play cards, my father’s song was sung at the March in lhr, but they left .they also felt that some words could have been written differently.

On the other hand, irked with ‘Aurat March,’ a few men have started a ‘Mard March’ campaign on social media. Countering the ‘Aurat March’ rally these men are seen retorting to some of the controversial placards.