What Can We Expect to See Happen in the Gaming Industry in 10 Years’ Time?

Knowing exactly what will occur in the future is virtually impossible but, based on current world events and technological innovations, we can make fact-based predictions for major industries. This is currently being done in the online gaming sector, with people focusing their attention on the wider scope of the global market and its foreseeable future. Here we take a look at some advancements we expect to see in gaming during the next decade. 

blankVirtual reality is a huge trend in the gaming industry that is reaching more and more users as time marches onward   

Virtual Reality Gaming Will Be Mainstream 

Even though a whopping 171 million people are using VR in some capacity in 2021, the technology has not officially hit the mainstream. Just think about it – how many of your friends own a headset and how many do not? This means that there is a wide margin of growth ahead for the tech around these immersive worlds. In the next ten years, more users will get their hands on a VR device and use it for gaming purposes as headset manufacturers make their products lighter, smaller, and packed with enhanced features. 

Larger Audiences of Gamers in Every Category and Genre

Nowadays, people play more than just tactile shooter games like Call of Duty Online. In addition to FPS titles, there are a wealth of other activities available; even those that once seemed like they were bound to the physical world, such as Poker, are now a hit online. The internet boom of the 2000s brought the strategic game to the virtual world and since then its growth has been explosive. In the next ten years, we can expect for there to be even bigger audiences of players engaging in Poker online, as graphics make significant advancements and various functionalities continue to improve. This goes for other casino-style games as well, such as Blackjack and Roulette, especially since live dealer technology is steadily advancing and becoming a more attractive option than playing alone at the virtual table. 


Watching players stream their gameplay is a popular activity for modern users nowadays 

Esports Will Funnel More Revenue into the Industry 

It’s no secret that competitive video gaming has exploded, with eSports being one of the most lucrative areas of gaming in today’s world. The majority of dedicated online gamers either play eSports titles themselves or are huge fans of players that compete in leagues on the professional stage. In fact, the revenue that eSports has been able to generate over the past few years is extremely impressive, with the sector attracting large audiences of users from different remote locations around the globe to interact with each other. Given the figures, it’s easy to see how the impact of eSports is invaluable not just in terms of payoff, but also when it comes to the social aspect of gaming. For example, eSports fandom is truly remarkable, with thousands of supporters filling huge stadiums in order to watch in real time as players face-off against others in front of their PC screens. In the future we will continue to see eSports benefit the online gaming community in every way, both monetarily and beyond. 

A Wider Selection of Streaming Services Will Pop Up 

Today, there are a good selection of streaming brands which allow gamers to connect with fellow players, purchase titles, and generally get the most out of the hobby they love. But, out of these, one brand in particular has remained the most popular year after year: Twitch. Sure enough, this interactive live streaming service is used by a cool 30 million people daily. However, the future will see a wider variety of these companies hit the gaming scene, as more competitors look to dominate the market. 

Gaming Mobiles Will Become More Technologically Advanced 

Last but not least, in the coming times there is no doubt that the technology behind mobile gaming will experience even more innovations and upgrades. This will cause a larger number of gaming-specific smartphones to become available, specifically catered to frequent players. Although a good selection of these devices that feature built-in cooling fans and high-powered CPUs already exist, the next decade will be full of heavy-duty mobiles to support hardcore gaming.  

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