Asad Umar: What he wants to see in Pakistan by 2030

Minister of planning and development Asad Umar shares his vision of a prosperous and peaceful Pakistan by 2030.


Mr. Asad Umar is currently serving as Pakistan’s Minister for Planning, Development & Special Initiatives from 19th November 2019 till date. Previously he served as Federal Minister for Finance, Revenue & Economic Affairs from 20th August 2018 to 18th April 2019. Mr. Asad Umar political career in year 2012 with Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. 

A new decade with all its opportunities and challenges is on the horizon. My vision for Pakistan is to channelize all my efforts and energies to ensure its development, peace, and prosperity. There are, however, a few important things that I would like to see happening in Pakistan by 2030:

  1. The completion of 3 major hydel power projects – Diamer Basha, Dasu, and Mohmand Dam – along with several smaller hydel projects particularly in areas of greatest need like South Balochistan and South Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (erstwhile FATA).
  2. Completion of the biggest ever modernization of railways in Pakistan’s history.
  3. The completion of a network of highways – both in the north-south and the east-west.
  4. The enhancement and refinement of logistics and connectivity within our region – particularly in the north and the west of Pakistan.
  5. Achievement of complete reliance on clean energy for all new power generation.
  6. The accomplishment of a private sector driven and well-regulated energy market, based on the competitive forces that serve consumer interest, not politicians and bureaucrats.
  7. An export-led, job-intensive sustainable growth trajectory that ends the on-going cycle of current account deficit, ultimately breaking our dependence on IMF.
  8. An increase in investment and a bigger share of a knowledge-driven economy powered by a fine-tuned higher education system & technology institutions.
  9. Pakistan at peace within – derived from an increased level of tolerance for internal differences – and with its neighbors.
  10. A credible and effective accountability process, which nails the crooks without becoming politicized.

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