New survey shows nation’s full confidence in Imran Khan

The data presented a favorable picture for PTI and revealed that former Prime Minister Imran Khan has strong public backing.


A new survey by IRIS Communications has revealed that a majority of the nation has full confidence in PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan and believes that he can save the country from crises.

According to the details, the survey was conducted for the month of September across the country with 2100 people taking part in it, and it also revealed the nation’s dissatisfaction with the incumbent PDM government’s performance.

As per the results, 51% of the survey takers believe that Imran Khan is the most capable leader to take Pakistan out of a crisis. Currently, Pakistan is facing an intense economic disaster which has been exacerbated by the recent floods. However, the nation believes that Imran Khan’s strong leadership can steer the country away from disaster.

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Interestingly, the rating for other political leaders deteriorated. When the survey was conducted in March, 25% believed in PML-N supremo and former premier Nawaz Sharif’s leadership, however, the number reduced to 21% in September. Similarly, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s 11% in April plummeted to 4% in September.

“Public opinion is what matters the most. There is clear confidence shown by Awam in Imran Khan in the recent survey,” PTI said while reacting to the survey results.

PTI’s success rate in elections

Other similar surveys by IRIS communications too showed a favorable picture for PTI and Imran Khan. In a survey regarding PTI’s success rate in elections, 37% opined that Imran Khan will win all the seats in the by-elections, and 60% voted that the PTI will achieve a 2/3rd majority in the National Assembly in the next elections.

Pertinent to mention that Imran Khan is demanding early elections as he believes it is the only way to save Pakistan from the economic crisis it is currently in and for which he has blamed the government. He has even planned to hold long marches to Islamabad in a bid to force the government to announce early elections.

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On the other hand, the coalition-led government has decided to hold elections at the stipulated time. Such a difference of opinion between Pakistan’s political powers has set the stage for political chaos within the country. Following Imran Khan’s narrative, 66% of the survey takers are of the opinion that elections should be held at the earliest.


Performance of PDM government

In another IRIS survey, 72% of the survey takers revealed that they are “completely dissatisfied” with the performance of the PDM government. Important to note that ever since the PDM government took over, inflation rates have sky-rocketed, for instance, Pakistan’s monthly inflation rate hit a 47-year high at 27.3% in August 2022 on a year-on-year basis, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).


Apart from failed economic policies, the government has not fared well either on the human rights front, for instance, the use of force on protestors, police brutality, and media ban. While Pakistan is no stranger to attacks on journalists, the increase in media bans and arrests of journalists was alarming and even sparked international concern.

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As a result, 51% of the survey takers opined that the media was able to work independently in the previous government led by Imran Khan.


The majority of the survey takers believe that Pakistan fared better under Imran Khan’s leadership since he is not concerned with personal glory and has clear intentions. Regarding this, 40% of survey takers opined that Imran Khan just wants to make the nation strong, whereas 27% said he wants to become the prime minister and 21% said he wants to bring back the looted money of the people of Pakistan. Interestingly, 12% of the survey takers believe that he wants to take revenge on the opposition parties. Nevertheless, the survey has revealed that Imran Khan has strong public backing.

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