Pakistani movie: Yeh Teefa kaun hai?


‘Teefa in Trouble’ is an upcoming Pakistani movie set to be released on 20 June 2018. Packed with Pakistan’s most celebrated celebrities; Ali Zafar and Maya Ali, ‘Teefa in Trouble’ will no doubt conquer the silver screen.

The movie is a romantic comedy directed by debutant Ahsan Rahim, who is known for directing the music videos and television commercials with several Pakistani artists.

The movie is produced by Zafar’s banner Lighting ale Productions and is distributed by Mandviwalla Entertainment. The plot of the movie revolves around the character ‘Teefa’, played by Ali Zafar. Teefa is an up-beat character, having a whole lot of swagger and attitude about him.

The movie revolves around the question ‘Yeh Teefa kaun hai?’ (who is Teefa?), it is a mystery that is said to be solved in the movie. ‘Teefa’ who is bound to be a troublemaker, falls in love with the character ‘Anya’, played by Maya Ali.

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The movie is further complemented by the legendary Javed Sheikh, playing the role of Maya Ali’s father and Fia Khan playing the role of her mother.  Faisal Qureshi known famously for his wit is playing the role of Teefa’s best friend while Mahenur Haider plays Anya’s best friend.


‘Teefa in Trouble’ is Pakistani film debut of Ali Zafar, who has previously worked in several Bollywood films, including Dear Zindagi, Kill Dil, Total Siyapaa, Chashm e Baddoor, London Paris New York and Mere Brother ki Dulhan.

The movie is also Maya Ali’s first film debut. Maya Ali is a famous Pakistani television actress, known famously for hit drama series; Aunn Zara, Shanakht, Sanam, Mann Mayal and Diyar-e-Dil.

‘Teefa in Trouble’ is said to be the most expensive Pakistani production, with budget more than US $ 1.5 million. The movie has been shot in Pakistan and Warsaw, featuring beautiful Eastern European landscape.


According to Ali Zafar, he wrote the storyline along with the director. “We started off with an idea to make an action comedy, then romance came into play and then the songs”. Ali further said in an interview that ‘Teefa in Trouble’ has been designed to “provide a cinematic experience that hasn’t been done here yet”.

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He further said that the architectural shots and action sequences in this film would be something like never have been seen before, and added, “We need to think out of the box and see how international cinema works and not just Bollywood.”

The film teaser was launched on the opening ceremony of 2017 Pakistan Super League, followed by Ali Zafar’s iconic performance “Ab Khel Jamay Ga”.

With a lot live actions, parkour skills, humorous dialogues and a pinch of romance, one thing is for certain, ‘Teefa In Trouble’ will most definitely be worth the wait!

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