Wahab Jaffar’s new exhibition of strong women on colorful canvases


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Tanzara Gallery in Islamabad has brought a new series of works by the painter Abdul Wahab Jaffar to Islamabad. The gallery is currently exhibiting over 36 of his large acrylic canvas paintings and 20 of his miniature black ink drawings.

Wahab Jaffer’s paintings as ever exude a vibrancy of color through the palette. His paintings of women are clear, concise and cut down to the chase, whilst simultaneously painting universal women full of energy and vivacity. The women are all adorned with beautiful headgear reminiscent of the styles worn by some African women. The turbans look as if they are adorned and created by nests of birds and the paintings reflect a grandeur and imperiousness about them. A new feature in his work is the many paintings of groups of women standing together and looking united and firm in purpose.

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His colorful work on vases continues on the same theme of using flowers and birds sprayed and falling out of the vase. The color tones fit in nicely with the oncoming winter and end of the fall season.

The 20 smaller black ink drawings, that contain intricately worked surreal forms, were displayed all on one wall. Wahab Jaffer, first started painting in black ink after his heart operation in 1985 on Houston. He has said at a point in time when his life felt very black, he picked up a pen and started drawing these:

“slowly as I sketched, adding texture and line in place of color, I discovered the light and color in black and white…I could once again feel my heart beating.”

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Wahab Jaffer who is one of Pakistan’s most respected abstract artists started painting in the 1970’s and held his first solo exhibition in 1981 at the Indus Gallery in Karachi. His work still shows glimpses of inspiration from Ahmed Parvez, who was a long-time friend and mentor to him. He has extensively showcased his work in Pakistan and internationally.

This is his fifth solo exhibition at Tanzara Gallery, the last was in 2015. Noshi Qadir is the curator of the show, is a graphics designer herself. Tanzara Gallery sends out exquisite copies of printed hard copy invitations in an age where people rely on email invitations. The gallery offers a peaceful and large space in which the paintings were exhibited perfectly. The show will continue till November 6.

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