Fill your wandering souls with Pakistan’s natural wonders

Be it K-2, 2nd highest peak of the world or Swat, Switzerland of the east, Pakistan is known for its scenic views, green meadows, and rocky mountains. Travelers from all over the globe come and savor their nature-loving soul. Pakistan mountains, plains, plateaus and deserts; all calls to the wandering souls of travelers.

Pakistan's natural wonders

Being a princely state of British India, the state of Makran became a part of Pakistan in 1948 under the then ruler Nawab Mir Azam Jan Baluch. Later in 1955, it was dissolved and made a division of the Baluchistan province. Today it constitutes the districts of Gwadar, Kech, and Panjgur districts.


Makran Coastal Highway

The 653 km long Makran Coastal highway along the scenic Arabian Sea coast links the cities of Karachi and Gwadar. Upon its completion in 2014, the previously two-day journey was reduced to 6-7 hours. The highway derives its name from the Makran mountain range in the southwestern region of Baluchistan.

Zero Point, Las Bela, Balochistan 


The Makran Coastal highway (N10) starts from the Zero Point, 25km from Uthal, Balochistan and 100km from Karachi, Sindh.

Kund Malir Beach


Also known as ‘Agor’ by the locals, the beach provides a scenic view where water meets the desert. Named in the 50 most beautiful beaches of Asia, it has palm trees lined throughout its shoreline. Moreover, dolphins can be seen jumping out and back into the clean and green water.

Hinglaj Mata Mandir


In April every year thousands of Hindus pilgrims visit the temple. The Hindus revere it as one of the 51 ‘Shakti Peethas’ present on earth, that is, sacred  relics which in Hindu traditions, represent the fallen body parts of Sati, the first wife of Shiva. Muslims also
join the pilgrimage following their own traditions and refer to it as ‘Nani ka Haj’.

Astola Island

Pakistan's natural wonders

This remote and untarnished island, offers a feel of the Mediterranean. Seagulls diving down to catch fish, crystal-clear turquoise water inhabited by multi-coloured marine species, rock formations in the middle of the sea, and the peaceful yellow-brown sunset, all add to the uniqueness and beauty of this unexplored and uninhabited island.

From Pasni, a city which lies along the Makran highway, it is a three-hour boat ride to the island and a distance of 35 km into the Arabian Sea.

Natural Sphinx of Pakistan

Pakistan's natural wonders

This is also known as ‘Baluchistan Sphinx’ because of its clear resemblance with the mythical creature having the body of a lion and head of a human. This natural rock formation has a clearly defined jawline and other facial features placed in perfect proportions with each other. Unlike the Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt, the wind and air have worked to naturally create this masterpiece over the centuries.

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Princess of Hope

This rock formation appears to be a princess wearing a royal robe and a hood looking beyond the horizons for hope: named by the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, as the Princess of Hope. Amazingly, this natural rock formation is carved by nature’s very own architects: wind and rain.